How to Create Stub Classes

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You have now successfully loaded SAIC-Products and Cyc-Products.

We need to check out all frame references in KB files that have been loaded to see that there is an appropriate frame definition for every frame reference. If any frame reference has no associated frame definition then the system attempts to create a stub frame definition to satisfy the frame reference. For example, if an input KB file said only the following:

	(define-okbc-frame dog
	  :frame-type :class
	  :direct-superclasses (living-thing))
then living-thing may be an unsatisfied frame reference.

Select the command "Stub out any missing frame" from the "Class" menu to create stubs for missing frames.

Chimaera creates stub classes for all references to missing frames. For example, a new class "Artillery-Shell-In-Cyc-Products-9" is created.

In the next section, you will learn about Name Resolution mode.

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