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Semantic Discovery Service (SDS) Project

The SDS Project has the goal of enabling seamless interoperation of Web services by exploiting existing industrial standards and Semantic Web technologies. The project is led by Dr. Sheila McIlraith. We gratefully acknowledge sponsorship from Sony, SNRC and the DARPA DAML program.

Research Team

  • Sheila McIlraith
  • Dan Mandell
  • HongCheng Mi

  • Related Publications

  • Daniel J. Mandell and Sheila A. McIlraith. Adapting BPEL4WS for the Semantic Web: The Bottom-Up Approach to Web Service Interoperation. (postcript) To appear in the Proceedings of the Second International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2003), Sanibel Island, Florida, 2003.
  • Daniel J. Mandell and Sheila A. McIlraith. A Bottom-Up Approach to Automating Web Service Discovery, Customization, and Semantic Translation. In the Proceedings of the Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference Workshop on E-Services and the Semantic Web (ESSW'03), Budapest, Hungary, 2003.

  • Presentations and Demos

  • Presentation slides from ESSW'03
  • Demo: coming soon...

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